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For years, Joan Darlene considered herself a survivor. Painful life lessons were presented to her with ferocious and frequent repetition.  Severe sickness in her family, loss of loved ones, loss of possessions and major career changes took their toll on her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Ultimately, she realized that everything she experienced had been driving her to an extraordinary and magnificent purpose. She worked hard to overcome her emotional wounds and with much self-reflection and intense study, found that in doing so, she was given a gift, the wonderful gift of healing others.

Joan no longer views herself as a survivor but as a luminary meant to teach others that they have the same strength, faith and qualities that will carry them through even the most desperate of times. Her practice of ancient healing methods has healed and influenced hundreds of lives.

For her first five years of study, Joan explored Shamanism and the healing techniques passed on to her by a prominent medicine woman. In the years following, she reached Master/Teacher level in Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Reiki Tummo. She has trained in Trans Crystal Therapy and Melchizedek. She has been certified as a Past Life Regression Counselor and Health Rhythms Facilitator trained by Remo, Inc.

Joan has also become an Angel Therapist, Angel Card Reader, Mediumship and Platform Reader by studying under well-known author and Angel Practitioner Therapist, Doreen Virtue.

Joan’s work as a life coach has reached out to many that now realize abundance, have discovered their life purpose and learned to explore their natural gifts.