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Distance Healing? Is that really possible? Yes it definitely happens!

Joan told me she would be able to help even though she was in California, while we were in Chicago. She told me to ask my daughter if she was "ready to let go of her headache". My daughter replied "yes", and then Joan went to work. I was surprised at my daughter's willingness to try something so unconventional. That is how lousy she felt.

Within 5 minutes, my daughter got up off of the couch, had no headache, no cramps and a huge appetite! It was an amazing transformation, and in a matter of minutes. If I had not witnessed my daughter's quick recovery, I would be skeptical, and think that healing from thousands of miles away is impossible. I cannot believe I am saying this, as energy work is something I do not totally understand. But, I can tell you it works!

Joan Darlene is a very gifted, gentle healer. I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Joan!

Barb Z.
Chicago, IL

Long Distance Reiki

Long Distance Reiki has all of the benefits of an actual hands on Reiki session and more, as it allows you to experience Reiki while being in your own home, or office. For some that is a necessity, and for others, just the thought of not having to get in the car and drive somewhere is enough. Reiki energy is not limited by time or distance, having its own innate intelligence that allows the Reiki energy to flow exactly where it is needed. Whether you are across the street, in another state, or live in a different part of the world, Long Distance Reiki is a wonderful way to keep your mind, body, and spirit in harmony.

All that is required is a phone conversation to set up the time and date of your session, and clarify your intention. Then you can either sit, or lay down and Reiki will do its work. A follow up communication will take place after the session.

To read more about Reiki and its healing energy, please refer to the 'What is Reiki?' section.



Let me start by saying, I seldom get sick. I try to stay balanced, see Joan regularly for tune-ups, eat well, exercise, and blah, blah, blah. I had about 10 days to go on a nasty deadline, when I felt the first signs of a cold, you know, scratchy throat, drippy nose, etc. Since I am self-employed, calling in sick is not an option. I could either work sick or work well. I choose well, so I sent an urgent SOS to Joan. Unfortunately, she was booked solid for several days but said she could work on me remotely that evening. I sat/slouched on the couch in my living room, feeling very sleepy while Joan Darlene worked on me. After about an hour, I started to revive. Surprisingly, so did my friend, who was sitting on a chair about a foot away from me. The cold was stopped in its tracks, I finished my deadline with days to spare, and as an added bonus, my friend stayed well too. Reiki is the only way to go for me and Joan Darlene is my favorite Reiki master.

Susan Marie

I have been receiving Reiki in person from Joan for some time now and am a huge believer and receiver of the power that it invokes. Recently I had the opportunity to witness the outcome of a long distance healing. My fourteen year old son had a really bad sinus headache. I text Joan and asked if she could work on him before he left for school to relieve some of the pressure. I asked my son if he wanted Joan to do a long distance healing and he said yes. Shortly after I left for work I heard from Joan and she shared that my son had released so much during the session and that she had spent fifteen minutes on his head alone as stuff kept pouring out. I thanked her and was hopeful that it worked, but had to wait all day to hear. That afternoon I picked my son up from school and casually asked him how his head was. He had a huge knowing smile on his face and said that his headache went completely away and hadn’t hurt him since! I should’ve known this would be the case as I have bared witness to my own healing with Joan and Reiki. My son’s headache going away was just further confirmation that Reiki energy has the ability to transcend time and space and promote healing whether someone is there in person or many miles away. I love knowing that long distance healing is just as effective and can be utilized when meeting in person is not an option. Thank you Joan for your loving support and guidance….always! I am a believer and I think my son may be one now too!

Renee Monique