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In June of 2009, our dog, Rascal, my adorable little Shitzu, became very ill. We took him to the vet and they did not expect him to live. The vet said he had swallowed something that he would not be able to pass. They sent us home with no hope. He was so lethargic he could not walk on his own. At the time, he was only 1 years old. The thought of losing my baby was more than I could take. I called Joan and she knew the urgency of the situation. She re-arranged her schedule and came right over to our house. Rascal was lying lifeless on the floor. His eyes did not look like he was completely there with us. Joan worked on Rascal with her Reiki. After the first session, Rascal was able to sit up by himself but could not walk. Joan told us Rascal needed one more session. She came back the next day and to our complete amazement, after the session, Rascal was walking around! I could not believe it! Within a couple of days, Rascal was running and playing again! Joan truly saved my baby! There are no words that can explain my gratitude!

Jill J. Simmons

My Labrador retriever, Tide, has had sensitive skin for a few years, but this time was different. He was so uncontrollably itchy that even the slightest touch on his back or ribs would cause him to spasm, and he wouldn't settle down. He just kept pacing, scratching, standing, sitting, and trying to get comfortable, but to no avail. The vet offered no probable cause, nor any solution. We called Joan to see if there was anything she could do, and she came right over. When she opened the door after his session, the first thing we noticed is that Tide was noticeably calmer. For the first time in days, his whole body was relaxed, and he could lie down and get pets and snuggles without any discomfort. I have to admit I wasn't sure Reiki could work on dogs, but even days later, Tide was not scratching at all. Tide and I are so thankful to Joan, and we both highly recommend her as a wonderful pet healer. Tide gives her two paws up!


Erin Michelle

Reiki And Children

Children need all the help we can give them to succeed in this world. In working with children, I focus on the three most important things; confidence, self-love and detaching from fear. Reiki provides children with the means to be self-assured, have self-love and the knowledge that they are okay just the way they are. Reiki also bestows an atmosphere of safety that allows them to open up and discuss things that frighten or worry them. Once the fear is exposed, it can be transformed into a useful tool that can be used throughout their lives in any fearful situation.

Every parent’s desire is that their children be happy, well-adjusted adults. Ultimately, this is achieved by the child’s own decision making skills. Reiki provides the calming atmosphere needed to make decisions to eliminate destructive things from their lives that do not serve them. With encouragement, guidance and the beautiful influence of Reiki energy, it is possible to set them on their right path.

Reiki can help if your child has any of the following health issues:

Scared of the dark
Night Terrors
Anger Issues
Downs Syndrome

Low self-worth